NQ-N20-2 1800W elevator air conditioner from JIEFENG

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Elevator AC

Air Conditioning for lifts is an essential requirement to keep an ambient temperature and to circulate fresh air in the confined space of the cab. 

Air conditioning for lifts and air conditioning for elevators ensures the cab will be cool in summer months and warm in the winter time, keeping fresh air circulating. 

The air conditioning for lifts should not be a marked difference to the building temperature. 

Air conditioning for elevators can be remote controlled in many instances by the building facilities management team, keeping the air stable.

The air conditioning of elevators causes heat from the cooling process to dissipate into the lift shaft. The lift cab is not air tight so some heat can return into the cab reducing the cooling effect.


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Our Elevator Air Conditioner Main Feature

No Water Drop

No electricity heating in vaporizing the
condensation water, safe and electricity saving; Multiple protection from water
spilling over; Efficient heat-insulation soft duct, ensuring no frost on the

surface; High quality anti-rust bottom water pan.

Efficient and Energy Saving
Highly efficient compressor, advanced heat
exchanger technology; Increased air flow design, dual cooling to refrigerant;

Overall system optimization to national energy conservation standards.

Healthy andEnvironment Harmony
Efficient mildew proof screen, clearing dust;
High-quality cold medium, removing harmful gas ;Negative oxygen ion, elevator
car air purification and sterilization (optional).

Low Noise
International brand compressor; Dual muffler design, Damping material , absorb vibration.
In the running elevator, due to external heat radiation or natural heat from the passengers and other reasons, the temperature will rise inside the car, even to "steamer" state. In order to improve the elevator riding comfort, JIEFENG has been committed to elevator air conditioner development and application, JIEFENG has formed a relatively mature eighth product line, its advanced water treatment methods, highly automated intelligent control systems, and air conditioner automatic dust removal and other heat technology has received a number of national patents.


1 Installation Location
1.1 Supply Air Outlet
1) It would be best to take the fan vent as the supply air outlet.
2) Cool supply air will be sent the car freely, and the loss of cool air should be kept as less as possible.
3) The supply air outlet should be kept away from the car wall as far as possible to avoid generation of condensate.
1.2 Return Air Inlet
1) The return air inlet shall be close enough to the supply air outlet so as to minimize the occupied area at the car top.
2) Be sure air inside the car can be easily drawn back into the air conditioner.
3) The return air inlet and the supply air outlet should be separated properly to prevent the cool air from being drawn back into the air conditioner.
1.3 Main Body
This air conditioner can be either ceiling or floor installed. During installation, make sure:
1) It is installed through the beam so as to reduce vibration and noise.
2) It is installed horizontally so that condensate will not flow out.
3) It is installed in the way that the supply air outlet and return air inlet are free of obstacles.
4) It is installed in the way that there is enough space for ventilation


Importance of Maintenance

Please clean and maintain the air conditioner periodically tokeep it run reliably and extend its service life, and special attention shouldbe drawn to the key components.


As dust accumulated on the fins of the condenser will affect theheat exchange efficiency and raise the pressure at the high side, it isnecessary to check and clean them. When cleaning, the upper cover of thecondenser should be removed.


As dust accumulated on the fins of the evaporator will reducethe air flow and lower the cooling capacity, it is necessary to clean thembased on the actual condition.

Filter Screen

As dust accumulated on the filter screen will reduce the airflow and lower the cooling capacity, it is necessary to clean it frequently.


Maintenance Items

Maintenance Items

Maintenance before Seasonal Operation

Is the air inlet or outlet clogged?

Are the supply air pipe and the return air pipe tightened securely?

Is the air duct connected to the car top securely?

Is the power cable loosened?

Is the surface of fins accumulated with heavy dust or stains?

If so, the heat exchange efficiency will be affected.

Therefore, it is recommended to clean the fins by the skilled service person.

Maintenance in Seasonal Operation

Dust from the elevator well is likely to attach on the filter screen,

which will reduce the return air flow and cooling capacity.

Therefore, it is suggested to clean the filter frequently.

Once every week is preferred.

The filter screen is allowed to be cleaned by the vacuum cleaner or by rinsing. If the filter screen is quite dirty,

use the lukewarm (lower than 30 ) neutral detergent and dry it in shade.

Elevator air conditioner maintenance:

1Regular cleaning three filters, once every 30 days is recommended.

2Regularly check the temperature and noise inside the elevator car.

3Regular inspection by designated person.

4Each year before use, clean the air conditioner condenstion water pumps, and replace the external pump filter material.

5In case of abnormal operation, air conditioner should be immediately shut down and resort to professional for examination.

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