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The escalator comb plate is located at bothends of an escalator or moving walk, where the moving steps meet the fixedlanding portion. The escalator comb plate has teeth, which are aligned with therecess of the steps and are rounded in shape. Often they are provided in yellowallowing passengers to easier identify the transition line of the often greysteps and grey landing plate. A safety switch is also fitted behind the compplate to switch off the escalator in case anything gets stuck there. The teeth ofthe escalator comb plate can break off when small stones, screws or coins arecaught in between. Escalator comb plates sections are usually fitted with twoscrews and damaged ones can be easily replaced.

Good escalator comb plate:

The teeth will be cut off when it’s hitbetween the step, will not have the turnup broken teeth on the comb plate.

Bad escaaltor comb plate:

The borken turnup teeth will leave on thecomb plate, and it will hurt the people and step.

However, the safety device fitted on all escalatorsand moving walks is often not well maintained by the owner. The likelihood tofind a broken tooth on a high traffic escalator or moving walk is actually veryhigh. Escalators are usually serviced once a month, hence it can take some timeuntil a broken tooth is noted. Owners are also not always keen to replaceescalator comb plates with "only" one broken tooth due the continuousreplacement costs.

One or multiple broken teeth are serioushazards, especially for children hands and shoes. Hence, I would like to remindon the safe usage of escalators and moving walks:

  1. Always stand in moving direction. You can easily see the end of the escalator and in case of a sudden stop are in a better position to catch yourself.
  2. Hold on to the handrail. By holding on the handrail, you can retain a firm three point contact with the escalator while travelling. In case of a sudden stop, you will have no problem remaining in a standing position.
  3. Stand within the yellow lines. Nowadays, it is very common to have yellow or grey demarcation lines on the escalator steps showing the danger areas to refrain from. Keep away from the sides and the step in front as these areas are close to moving parts.
  4. Always hold on to your children. There are real hazards for children. Broken teeth at escalator comb plates or gaps at the side can easily catch fingers, toes and shoes. Believe me, it happens more often than you think and often results in lost toes or fingers. Keep your children safe and ensure they do not play, sit or lie down on escalators or moving walks.
  5. Do not use prams on escalators. Prams, hand carts, walkers or similar items should not be used on escalators. When they get stuck, they build a barrier, passengers usually cannot overcome. The escalator continues to push people towards the barrier with no way to escape, often resulting in serious injuries. Please use elevators with such accessories.
  6. Carry your pet. Pets do not understand hazards and risks of machines. Carry your pet to avoid injuries.

The escalator comb plate is located at bothends of the exit entrance, to facilitate passenger transition and engage withsteps, pedals or automatic sidewalk tape. The ends are rounded and shaped tominimize the risk of foot clamping between steps, pedals or tape. Thesupporting structure shall be adjustable to ensure proper meshing and properstiffness.

The escalator comb plate is the safetyprotection device of the elevator. There is a micro switch behind the escalatorcomb plate.

One side of the escalator comb plate issupported on the front plate and the other side is used as the fixing surfaceof the comb tooth. Its horizontal Angle < 10 °.The structure of theescalator comb plate shall be adjustable to ensure that the meshing depth ofthe carding teeth is greater than 6 mm. It can be made of aluminum alloyprofiles or thick carbon steel plates.

The comb lamp is a part of an escalator andwalkway that gives light from under the foot of the passenger at the exit.Usually set at the end of the skirt board at the entrance and exit. Lightingshould be adequate and adequate. The lighting at the escalator comb plateshould be consistent with the lighting required in the area. The lighting atthe indoor or outdoor escalator and the exit of the automatic sidewalk shouldbe at least 50lx or 15lx respectively.

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Installationof escalator comb plate

To ensure the safety of passengers on theescalator, it must be installed at the entrance and exit of the escalator

(1) The front escalator comb plate is anextension of the ground plane and the height cannot be different. The heightdifference between it and the upper surface of the step pedal should be no morethan 80mm.

(2) Escalator comb plate. One support onthe front panel, the other as a comb fixed surface, its horizontal Angle of 40°or less, the structure of the escalator comb plate is adjustable, in order toguaranty the pedals and comb tooth meshing depth of 6 mm with tape or alveolarknead to a depth of 4 mm or more.

(3) Comb Teeth. Tooth width of 2.5 mm, orend for rounded corners, horizontal Angle of 40 °or less.

(4) The adhesive tape of the automaticsidewalk shall have a groove that meshes with the comb teeth of the comb teethalong the running direction.

(5) The height of the belt groove shouldnot be less than 1.5mm, the depth of the groove should not be less than 5mm,the width of the tooth should not be less than 4.5mm, and it should not be morethan 8mm.

(6) The tape should be able to becontinuously and automatically tension, and it is not allowed to use stretchingspring as tension device.

(7) The vertical net height shall not beless than 2.3m above the escalator, the footstep of the automatic sidewalk orthe tape of the automatic sidewalk.

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