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XAA332X Escalator Handrail Tension Chain

XAA332X Escalator Handrail Tension Chain


JIEFENG E&E CO.,LTD is the Professional escalatorstep chain supplier in China, because we cooperation with theleading manufacturer in the escalator industry.

Solutions and developments in the areas ofnoise reduction and low maintenance chain technology are only a few examples ofwhat customers rely on in the escalator industry. Thanks to the high demands onsafety and quality JIEFENG escalator and moving walkway chains contributeto the smooth transportation of visitors not only in department stores, subwaysand airports. London, Madrid, Prague, New York, Shanghai, Peking: JIEFENGproducts move millions of people every day on escalators and moving walkwaysacross the world.

JIEFENG E&E Escalator Step Chain

Quality, Edurance, Drability, Rliability, Noise reduction, Lowmaintenance

Wehave been supply escalator step chains for more than 20 years. During this timewe have supplied morer than 40 countries escalator maintenance companies, andwe got all good feedback from our customers.

Continued Assurance.

Allof escalator step chains have 1 year warranty, and we will not provide the low-costand not guaranteed product, as we all know escalator step chain is safty parts,so it’s very important of continued assurance.

High Standards.

Ourproduct processes ensure that all chain lengths on an escalator machine aremanufactured to an overall tolerance of 0.010 inch across 8 Ft, with a qualitythat enables them to achieve a service life of 20 years.


Ourescalator Chain has been developed as result of extensive prototype testing inarduous applications to exceed the industry's ever increasing demand for lowerservice costs and longer lifetime operation.

Withover 50 years' experience, Our partner factory is ecognised as one of theworld's leading manufacturers of escalator chains.

Thespecial polymer bush, in conjunction with a specially designed bearing pin, hasbeen formulated to ensure maximum lifetime operation.

Theprinciple advantages of JIEFENG escalator step chain are:

    Substantially lower life cycle costs withdevelopment and field tests indicating a life in excess of 20 years.

    Cleaner environment because of reduced freegrease and oil lubrication.

    Significantly lower service costs, in thatperiodic greaseand oil lubrication is not required.

    Stable and predictable wear rates are aparticular feature of JIEFENG when compared to conventionally oiled andgreasedchains, which can be prone to random failure.

    Supply all kinds of escalator step chains,and we can provide the professional drawing for you.



JIEFENGEscalator Chain in the public service environment has proven to be extremelywear resistant.

Installationof the JIEFENG Escalator Chain provides lifetime confidence with an extendedchain design life.



JIEFENGoffers a fully cost effective solution when replacing grease lubricationsystems, thus considerably reducing expensive maintenance and life cycle costs.


Theelimination of copious amounts of lubricating oils and grease creates a cleanerand safer environment, thereby reducing fire risk.

Sopls contact us for the all drawing of escalator step chain.

Howto replace escalator step chain and chain wheel?

Thereplacement of the escalator step chain is a complicated work. but it is alsothe main part of the overhaul and is one of the few complicated technicaltasks. First of all, put the escalator on the maintenance, use the maintenanceswitch to control the operation of the escalator up and down, so that turn thebottom pit to remove all the steps. The process takes about one day for twopeople. Fixed one day after removing the steps. Prepare the tools needed toremove the large chain of steps, and meanwhile, prepare the new step chain andthe big chain breaking from the back-end removed to the outside of theescalator large frame, a new escalator large chain from the back-endinstallation, you need to use the guide chain after idling around big chain tomake it work on constant track route. Such a good step after adjusting bothsides of the rear end of the tightening spring screw can be declared completed.Here must reminder our customer that the escalator chain wheel of the stepcannot be replaced individually but must replace the whole set step chain.Because of the left and right chains need to be matched, so we need toreplacement for both sides together.

Replacementsteps as following:

Determine the numberof step sprocket to be replaced, preferably in accordance with the whole chain

Remove the inner andouter cover and apron board of the left and right straight-line section of thelower end, about 6 meters in length.

The steps on the chainneed to be replaced for removal.

Move part of the chainthat needs to be replaced to the position of removing the inside and outsidecover plate and apron plate.

Loosen the lower endof the ladder chain and tighten it.

Use special components(or wire) to fix chains that do not need to be removed.

Remove and replacethe escalator step chain.

Tighten the cascadechain after replacement.

Install the steps andcorrect them.

Install other removalparts.

Test run

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