LIFT SAFE escalator hard hats

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Industrial safety-JIEFENG LIFT SAFE Hard hats

Mandatory standards

The temperature is from +50 to -10 before the test.

Impact absorption: the weight of 5kg falls from a height of 1 meter, the impact force of the lower part should not be greater than 5KN, and the energy absorption of the test is 49J.

Anti-puncture: 3kg hammer falls from a height of 1 meter to puncture, and cannot touch the surface of the dummy.

Flame retardant: no more than 5 seconds of continuous combustion

Optional test

Shock absorption and puncture tests were performed at extreme temperatures, room temperature +150, -30.

Maximum deformation under pressure test shall not exceed 40mm.

Insulation under 440VAC voltage contact for a short time.

Prevent metal melt from spatter.


Low pressure environment service

Electrically insulated safety helmet

Mandatory standards

For equipment close to electrical 1000VAC or 1500VDC (Electrical Class 0), the helmet is insulated and used in conjunction with other electrical insulation products to prevent current from penetrating the head of the human body. These electrical tests are more stringent than EN397 (overlapped double triangle sign, class 0).

1. JIEFENG LIFT SAFE hard hats is used for elevator work protection. Please check carefully before each use and replace it immediately if any damage is found.

2. When wearing the hat, the direction of the brim should always be forward, and it should be adjusted to the appropriate size of the wearer through the rear hoop and buckle.

3. The service life of this product is affected by many factors, such as cold, hot, chemicals, lighting, etc.

4. In normal use environment, the product can provide users with two to three years of protection.

5. Keep it in the original package, away from light and damp. Avoid contact with chemicals and sharp objects during storage and transportation.

6. JIEFENG LIFT SAFE hard hats is safe and harmless in accordance with European Directive 89/689, and comfortable to wear conforms to European standard EN397:1995/a1:2000

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